last haunts on TVZ by scotty melton
            Fri, 14 Feb 1997 19:48:55 -0500
            "b. wayne melton" 
            Washington County Online

poem to the late great Townes Van Zandt
by: Scotty Melton, friend & kindred spirit

last night i heard your ghost
humming in the breeze
blowing through silver chimes
it's road-worn melodies
your boney hand upon my heart
i felt storms in distant sigh
the taste of rum was on your breath
and poured out into the sky
my thoughts came to be darkened
and my weary eyes
as i could help not to wonder
did you learn to fly?
did you learn to fly?
pass the clouds upon blue
did you find peace my friend?
or did trouble bind you?
did it's vice-grip on your soul
fasten you unfree?
did it follow you into the shadows
of eternity?
did pity fall upon your spirit weeping
and grant you mercy at last?
that you no longer should stand
'fore every stone that be cast?
was the cross that you carried
on this earth fin'ly lifted?
the albatross you wore 'round your neck
that blessed curse of the gifted
did you learn how to fly?
pass the clouds upon night
did the savior's soft hand
lead you safely into the light?
and rest you in heaven's sweet bosom
like a mother's first-born?
and crown you a halo of gold &
mend your wings, withered & torn
that you may fly on to a new day
in a world that's yet unturned
and wrap yourself in the sunshine
of a morning lightly burned
and drink of the wine that flows & sparkles
from the river of god's own thrown
and write songs w/ ol' king soloman
though we all will miss you while you're gone
but your words we've still here w/ us
written in blood; embedded in stone!
and the poetry & the songs you left behind
i can only compare- to the very foundation
                               the world sits upon

so now that your dirty road is ended
and your journey, it is through
fly blue, my friend, fly blue!
    "adios amigo" we'll sure as hell miss you!!!  

scotty melton