Guitar Road - D. Munyon TvZ tribute song

As submitted by email by Kim Nygaard
Subject: suggestions for TVZ memorialpage
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 19:50:16 +0200
From: "Kim Nygaard" 

There is a very great (but too unknown) songwriter/singer by the name of David Munyon
from Alabama who wrote a masterpiece on his 6th record "Poet Wind". I do put David
Munyon in my top 5 (along with Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Tom Russell and
Robert Earl Keen).

The lyrics for his TVZ memorial song is written below. But do earn yourself to listen to it.
Or try to have a look at the David Munyon Homepage at:

With very best wishes and respect - I really do miss Townes too !

Kim Nygaard
Denmark (europe)

Guitar Road
(Chris Deschner/David Munyon)
(song for TVZ)

Well you learned to play at thirteen
On someone`s old guitar
Anī you waited for the memories
To become you stars
But time she takes her sweet way
Ainīt no point in lookinī back
Anī you wonder how your old car
Was ever goinīto last

Well you ramble past the factories
And the supermarket nights
Well some dreams, the get buried
Anīsome you still hold tight
And vodka takes advantages
Cause the nights can get so cold
So you travel like a warrior
On this guitar road
On this guitar road

Well you grew up there in Forth Worth
You grew up in the bars
You went down deep inside your soul
just to listen to you heart
Some say that heaven`s angels
Helped you with some parts
Anī gamblinī took your places
Some were kinda dark

Well you ramble past the factories.....

Some people call it crazy
Anī others call it art
But just a few do ralize
What youīre talking about
I hope your days are easy
May your pockets fill with gold
Anīmay you forever roll
On this guitar road

Well you ramble past the factories...