Update from Jeanene - Jan. 4, 1997 part 1

I called Jeanene Van Zandt to get an update to post on this webpage. I mentioned that I would be faxing copies of the conference postings that are still coming in. She relayed the whole story of Townes death in detail to share on-line, which I will do partly here, the rest by tomorrow.

A couple of important items were that Jeanene was concerned about some of the stories circulating that are false and more than a little wild, like that Townes "was pushed from a train" - she laughed at that one. The true story is the same one that has been shared in less detail on the web and in the papers - that Townes was at home with his family, recovering from hip surgery.

Another point is that Townes wanted to be cremated, which was done today. He wanted some of his ashes to be spread over Fort Worth, and Van Zandt County, founded by his ancestors.

A last point is that Townes died happy and suddenly, and the last face he saw was his young daughter Katie Belle's, and the last one he spoke with was son Will, and Jeanene had just kissed him and told him to eat his supper.

The Memorial Service for Townes is open to the public and will be held at
16th Ave. South at Grand in Nashville, Tennessee
on Sun. Jan. 5, 1997, at 3:00 p.m.

During a part of the service, many of Townes musician friends will speak and some will play songs. These include Steve Earle as M.C., Nanci Griffith, Rodney Crowell, and perhaps Guy Clark (Townes best friend) if he is able to.

Townes' oldest son John (J.T.) will speak on behalf of the immediate family, and may play a song also.

I will try to finish this report up tomorrow, time has run out for now.
Leonard Coop coopl@bcc.orst.edu