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  For Pest Modeling in the US for Agricultural, Pest Management, and Plant Biosecurity Decision Support in the US
This website brings together US weather data and plant pest and disease models to serve many decision support needs in agriculture. Currently this site provides over 110 degree-day and 23 hourly weather-driven models serving many IPM, regulatory, plant biosecurity, biological control, and conservation uses for the full USA, with emphasis on IPM needs for the Western States.

Weather data and forecasts are currently linked to the models for over 29,000 US and nearby weather locations. Forecast sources include NWS Digital forecasts in all states and Fox Weather LLC forecasts in Western states.

Funding has been provided by numerous USDA NIFA grants, USDA PPQ, RMA and ipmPIPE grants, NPDN grants, WR-IPM Center and Oregon Statewide IPM funds, and local and regional commodity grants.

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US/Google Maps interface: "" - online phenology models and degree-day calculator
Updated US/Google Maps interface: "dd/model" - our CROPTIME interface to online phenology models and degree-day calculator
 also: OLD PNW interface to online phenology models and degree-day calculator (use for the file upload feature if you have your own weather data to calculate DDs with).  
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   03/13 Phenology Models from USPEST.ORG - Recent Developments (poster .pdf)
   01/14 Pest Event Mapping: A New Tool for Prediction of Insect Phenology (paper) (slides)
   03/15 Crops and Climate - Has it been getting warmer in the Pacific NW & how will that affect plant/crop phenology? Small Farms Conference, Corvallis OR Feb 28, 2015 (.pdf)


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    Map Index  to plant disease risk  and degree-day models clickable USA map
Index of online tutorials
US/Google Maps interface to online phenology models and degree-day calculator  which replaces: PNW interface to online phenology models and degree-day calculator Table index of US states and networks linked to models

Selected agricultural weather network tables and home pages:
   Oregon: Hood River, The Dalles, Medford, Milton- Freewater, NW Rubus, AgriMet,
                Pudding & Yamhill Basin IPM, CROPTIME vegetable scheduling homepage
   Washington: AgWeatherNet, AgriMet
   Idaho: AgriMet
   Montana: AgriMet    California: CIMIS, PESTCAST
Table of all 100+ degree-day models. Table of 2016 past usage/no. model runs
Spotted Wing Drosophila PIPE Page
Plant disease model shortcuts: Grass seed stem rust (new version Bill Pfender 7/4/16), old version for comparison to new version (not recommended)
NEW Soil Solarization of Phytophthora ramorum and P. pini for nursery beds
Swiss needle cast
Disease alert maps: ( Improved and Updated Maps)
   1. Boxwood Blight ipmPIPE : current
   2. Tomcast DSV: current
   3. Botrytis and experimental soybean rust: current
   4. Fireblight: current,   movies: 2012 2011 2010
   5. Tomato-potato late blight: current,   movies: NEast 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, NY 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
Hi-resolution disease alert maps for selected regions and plant diseases: (note - we are sorry but these are currently not working/under repair)
Willamette Valley, OR Columbia Basin, WA Napa, CA Fresno, CA
botrytis botrytis botrytis botrytis
grape powdery mildew grape powdery mildew grape powdery mildew grape powdery mildew
potato late blight potato late blight potato late blight potato late blight
hop powdery mildew hop powdery mildew hop powdery mildew hop powdery mildew
GIS interface to degree-day model:
                                Size:   Region:   
Custom degree-day mapmaker for 48 US states - use your own settings (new version 9/2/14):
   main server
Daily degree-day accumulation maps - click on a region for more maps:
daily NW USA DD maps - this year to date
North Central
daily NC USA DD maps - this year to date
Great Lakes Central
daily GL USA DD maps - this year to date
daily NE USA DD maps - this year to date
daily SW USA DD maps - this year to date
South Central
daily SC USA DD maps - this year to date
daily SE USA DD maps - this year to date
48 State USA
US this year to date
daily Oregon DD maps - this year to date
daily WA DD maps - this year to date
daily ID DD maps - this year to date
daily MT DD maps - this year to date
Use these maps to track heat unit build-up using the temperature thresholds 32°, 41°, and 50° F, and for GIS interface to calculate degree-days at specific locations.

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